We often fill our empty properties with people who are already registered with us. So to be notified of upcoming properties, please complete the form below:

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Please note that where there is more than one adult who would be on the tenancy, you will all need to complete this form prior to viewing any of our properties (its not necessary just for receiving property updates).

If you would like to be removed from our register at any point, please let us know.

We automatically remove applicants details at around the 6 month point. So if you wish to remain registered with us for longer, please tell us. You’re also more than welcome to re-register with any updated information.

Our Tenancy Criteria

Our policy for all tenancy applications is based on suitability, affordability, and referencing. For further details please read our Tenant Affordability and Guarantor Policy page

Below is our affordability calculator, which might help you work out if you’ll be able to afford to rent a particular property.

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Privacy and GDPR protocols

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