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Before you can view any of our properties you will need to register with us first. Please therefore, complete the registration form below. By doing so, this also means you’ll be notified of properties as they become available and before we advertise on Zoopla and other advertising platforms.

Prior to being considered for one of our properties, you will need to pass our affordability criteria, as well as credit, employment and rental history checks. Income can come from salary, savings, pensions and benefits, or any combination.

Credit Score

If you’re unsure about your credit history, you might want to check out the Money Saving Expert Credit club. Here you’ll be able to register and get free monthly updates on your Experian credit score. There’s also hints and tips as to how to increase your credit score, or to remove bad debt. I’m unable to add a link to the site but if you google money saving expert credit club the page will come up (its a free service and well worth the effort).

Please note that we only keep your details on our enquiry database for 6 months. Therefore, please feel free to re-register should you still be looking for a property beyond that point.

Our property search process for tenants

Notifying you

Once you’re registered with us and once a property comes up which fits with your search criteria, we’ll notify you.

Please don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything from us for a few weeks. There are currently very few residential rental properties coming onto the market. We can go for many weeks without an available property and then may have 6 come up at the same time (they’re a bit like the T2 bus!!).


We pull together a list of applicants (mainly from our database of people who have registered with us) and arrange viewings. Please note however, that should we receive a large number of people wishing to view a particular property, we may not be in a position to show the property to everyone.

Following the property viewings, we offer first refusal to the applicant(s) who we feel would be the best fit for the property.

Tenant referencing

Once the applicant(s) agree that they would like to be considered for that property, we check their affordability, credit history and take references from employers and previous landlords. This is all carried out by our credit referencing agency.

Please note, that as a standard we require anyone who’s not in employment, or is under 25 years of age to provide a guarantor. The guarantor would also need to be prepared to be credit and reference checked.

Here’s a useful rent affordability calculator.

. However, please note that this is just a guide.  All potential tenants would go through a more detailed affordability assessment. Here’s a link to our affordability and guarantor policy in more detail: Affordability and Guarantor Policy

This is just a very top line overview of our process, so please feel free to contact us with any further questions you might have:

If you would like to be removed from our register at any point, please let us know.

We automatically remove applicants details at around the 6 month point. So if you wish to remain registered with us for longer, please tell us. You’re also more than welcome to re-register with any updated information.

Privacy and GDPR protocols

Please click on the link below if you would like to understand how we store and use any data you provide us with:

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