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Landlords Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the more common questions we get asked by landlords

As an experienced landlord, I need an agency to find me a tenant quickly. Can you help?

There are certainly far more people than properties right now, which is great. However, identifying the right tenant for the right property is the key to our success and ensures both happy landlords and tenants in the long run. We certainly won’t automatically take the first person that says they’re interested in your property. They will need to comply with our strict (but fair) checks and assessments.

Every property/tenant match is individual but as a rule of thumb, from when we start marketing your property to your new tenants moving in, is normally around 4 weeks.

What sort of tenants am I likely to get?

This depends on various factors such as: the location of the property, the type of property, the rental price you’re looking for and importantly the sort of tenant you tell us you want. Bearing in mind that the more restrictions you set, the longer the search may take but that this could be a better fit for you and your property in the long run.

What does your management service provide?

Tenant Finding | Tenant Referencing | Inventories And Exit Checks | Drawing Up Of The Tenancy Agreement And Contract Adjustments | Tenancy Inspections | Deposit Transfers And Adjustment Claims | Right to Rent Checks | Additional Property Visits Outside Of The Standard Inspections | Regulation Checks | Meter Readings | Handling of Trade Invoices | HMRC Reporting | Serving Notice.

What does your tenant finding service provide?

Tenant Finding | Tenant Referencing | Ingoing Inventory | Drawing Up Of The Tenancy Agreement | Deposit Transfer to the DPS| Right to Rent Checks | Ingoing Meter Readings

Do you have a list of tradespeople that you use?

Yes and we will do all the chasing and organising for you. You can set a budget for any small jobs to be carried out up to a certain value, without us having to involve you. We do not add any admin fee to our trade invoices, so the price of their invoice is the price you would pay.

How often will you check my property?

We accompany your tenants on their move in date and go through the inventory with them. We carry out a first inspection after 3 months. From then on, it will be 6 monthly intervals.

Do I get a report following your inspection?

Yes. We send you a report giving you an overview of the property, listing anything we feel may need attention. If its urgent we’ll follow this up with a phone call to you.

How often should I put my property rent up?

We carry out a rent review once a year for all our landlords properties. We’ll advise you of the rental prices for similar properties in the area. Its then your choice whether you feel you’d like to increase your rent in line with this. Our advice is that its generally easier to put rents up by small amounts every one to two years. Otherwise, you’re at risk of being out of step with the market. It will then be difficult to catch up without a large increase.

What is the best sort of property to buy for a rental property?

There are lots of factors to consider for all long term letting landlords. However, pretty much any good quality property with low cost heating and double glazing are popular. Since lock-down, properties with gardens are proving even more popular than before, with a lot of tenants in flats looking to trade up to a small house with a garden. As a rule of thumb (excluding HMO’s) 2 bedroom houses and flats tend to provide the best rental yield.

I’m not sure whether I want to rent out my property yet. Can I contact you anyway?

Yes absolutely. Whether you’re an existing landlord or potentially new to property letting, we’re here to help. Please contact us for a no obligation chat. You can email, call or pop in. We’re in the office Monday to Friday from 9-5 but can often be contacted outside of these times if these hours don’t work for you. Just give us a call and if the answer phone kicks in, one of us will call you back.

I’m still thinking about becoming a landlord but don’t know what to buy. Do you have any other information that I might find useful:

Yes, please check out our blog page, Hayle Property News, for details about all things property, both locally and nationally.

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